Access the EU Control Plane from Anypoint Studio

Configure your Anypoint Studio 6.4.2 and later implementation to point to the EU control plane to perform tasks there, such as deploying to CloudHub, importing an asset from Exchange, or importing an API definition from Design Center.

  1. Open the preferences view in the manner appropriate to your OS:

    • In MacOS, either navigate to Anypoint Studio > Preferences…​ or press cmd + ,.

    • In Windows and Linux, navigate to Window > Preferences…​.

  2. Expand Anypoint Studio in the left navigation bar, and select Anypoint Platform:

    studio anypoint platform settings
  3. Select EU from the region drop-down menu, and then select Apply and Close:

    select eu region

As a result, all Anypoint Platform tools embedded in Anypoint Studio display your Anypoint Platform from the EU control plane.

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