Configure Private Cloud Edition in Studio (macOS)

Anypoint Studio 7.10 only supports native integration with PCE version 3.0.0

Configure Your PCE Certificates Into Studio

Follow these steps to integrate your Studio installation with the Anypoint Platform components in a PCE deployment:

  1. Extract your CA certificate using OpenSSL:

    openssl s_client -connect <dsm-name>:443 -showcerts
    • Where <dsm-name> is the domain name of your PCE instance.

  2. Copy the resulting base-64 encoded certificate.
    Save the string characters between the the ---BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and the -----END CERTIFICATE ----- sections into a .pem file.

  3. Add your .pem file certificate to your Studio embedded Java cacerts keystore:

    sudo keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore <cacerts_path> \ (1)
    -storepass <pass> \ (2)
    -alias <alias> \ (3)
    -import -file [certificate_name].pem (4)
    1 cacerts_path is your Anypoint Studio artifact.
    For example:
    2 pass is your certificate’s password.
    If you don’t provide a password for this certificate, the keytool generates the password changeit by default.
    3 alias is the name you give to your certificate
    4 certificate name is the path to the generated .pem file you saved in the previous step.
  4. In Studio, open the preferences view.
    Navigate to Anypoint Studio > Preferences…​ or press cmd + ,.

  5. Expand Anypoint Studio in the left navigation bar, and select Anypoint Platform.

    studio anypoint platform settings
  6. Select the Use a Private Cloud Instance URL.

  7. Type the URL of your PCE installation in the Private Cloud Instance URL field.

    pce properties
  8. Click Apply and Close.

  9. Restart Studio.

Configure your PCE User Login

The first time you configure your user’s login, Studio asks you to confirm your PCE certificate:

  1. Open the preferences view.
    Either navigate to Anypoint Studio > Preferences…​ or press cmd + ,.

  2. Expand Anypoint Studio in the left navigation bar, select Authentication > Add.

    preferences authentication add
  3. Select Yes in the Invalid Certificate message that appears.

    invalid certificate pce
  4. Add your PCE credentials and sign-in.

  5. Select Apply and Close.

To avoid having to trust your certificate every time you login, add your certificate to your MacOS keystore:

  1. On your computer, open your

  2. In the left navigation bar, select System.

  3. Drop the .pem file that you generated in the previous task into the list of certificates.

  4. Double-click your imported .pem file and select Always Trust from the When using this certificate drop-down menu.

    always trust certificate
  5. If your Studio installation is running, restart it so that Studio uses your new system preferences.

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