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Add Another Output to the Transform Message Component

A single Transform Message component can give shape to several different parts of the output (example: the payload, a flow variable, a property). Each different output part must be defined in a separate DataWeave code, written out in a separate tab of the Transform pane. For example: if one tab defines the payload, and another an outbound property, these are both parts of the same output Mule message.

To add a new output:

  1. Click the Add new target button using dataweave in studio 34a3e.

  2. Specify where in the output Mule message to place the result of this new DataWeave transform. In case you’re creating a new variable or property, you must also set a name for it.

    new variable
Execution order of multiple outputs may vary. Ensure each transformation is independent of the order of execution and the other outputs.