You can configure breakpoints according to three parameters set in the Mule Breakpoints View.

Type Description

Default (no parameters)

Default configuration for a user-defined breakpoint. The breakpoint is set on a user-defined event processor, and activated by default. When a message reaches the breakpoint event processor, Studio stops flow execution and displays the contents of the message in the Mule Debugger View.


The breakpoint is activated only if a user-defined condition evaluates to true.


This is a global parameter. When set, Studio stops flow execution at any event processor where an exception occurs. The Mule Debugger View will display the message contents at the event processor that threw the exception.

When you set a breakpoint, Studio activates the breakpoint by default. The Mule Breakpoints View indicates the activation with a checked box to the left of the breakpoint name. Uncheck the box to deactivate a breakpoint.
Though deactivated, Studio does not delete the breakpoint. In the canvas, the breakpoint’s corresponding event processor displays a gray circle instead of red.

Additionally you can activate the Mute Breakpoints option in the Mule Debugger View, to temporarily disallow the debugger to stop at your selected breakpoints.

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