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To Download and Install Anypoint Studio 7.2 (OS X)

Before downloading and launching Anypoint Studio, make sure you have the Java SE JDK 8 installed.

To install Anypoint Studio 7.2:

  1. Download Anypoint Studio from the Anypoint Studio Download Site and extract it. If you’re using OS version Sierra, it’s important that you move your extracted app to the /Applications folder before you launch it.

  2. Open the extracted Anypoint Studio:

  3. Click OK to accept the default workspace.
    When setting a custom path to your workspace, keep in mind that Anypoint Studio does not expand the ~ tilde used in Unix/Linux systems. It is recommended to use the absolute path when defining your workspace.

    You cannot reuse a workspace used by Anypoint Studio 6.x or below.
    If you choose to use an existing workspace, this must have been created using Anypoint Studio 7.0 or above.

Anypoint Studio displays a welcome message when it loads for the first time.
Click Get Started to start using Anypoint Studio.