Downloading and Installing Anypoint Studio (Windows)

  1. Download the Anypoint Studio installation file from the Download Site.

  2. Extract the Windows installation file into the C:\ root folder.

    • If you are using a Windows antivirus application, ensure that the plugins/ and features/ directories are under the trusted category.

  3. Open the extracted Anypoint Studio.

    When Studio first runs, the embedded OpenJDK libraries might cause a Windows Security alert.
    Ensure to allow the OpenJDK Platform library from the AdoptOpenJDK publisher through your Windows firewall.

  4. Click OK to accept the default workspace.

    • If you choose to use an existing workspace, this must have been created using Anypoint Studio 7.0 or later.
      Studio 7.x supports only Mule 4.x projects, because the structure of the project, export format, XML, and scripting language are different than the ones used by Mule 3.x.

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