Update the API Specification in Your Project

When you import an API specification as a dependency, you can update the API specification version in your Studio project.

To update the API specification:

  1. In the Package Explorer view, right-click the Mule project that contains the API specification you want to update.

  2. Select API Specs > the name of your API > Update Version.

    After you update the specification, Studio asks you if you want to regenerate the flows based on the new version.

    To manually generate a flow for the updated API, right-click the Mule project where you updated the API specification, and select API Specs > the name of your API > Generate Flows.

Additionally, you can manage the API specifications in your project that are linked to Exchange from the API specification project management view. To do so, click the Manage Mule Project APIs icon (2%) in the top task bar.

update api version
1 The blue dot indicates a new version of the API specification is available.
2 Click Update version and Studio will regenerate the flow based on the new version of the API specification.

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