Update your Modules

Anypoint Studio allows you to modularize your projects. You can use the Manage dependencies wizard to manage the dependencies of your Mule project.

To check for updates and keep your modules updated:

  1. In the top menu bar, select the Manage dependencies icon 20.

  2. Under Mule Project, select Modules.

    manage modules

    When Studio loads this wizard for the first time, it automatically checks for new versions of your modules.

  3. Select the module that you want to update and click Update version.

    update module version

    Additionally, you can select Update all dependencies to latest to update all dependencies to the latest version of each.

    update all modules
  4. Select Apply and close.

Studio updates your selected dependencies.

Note that this process works only if you manage your dependencies using Studio. If you use Maven properties to specify your modules version:



You must contact your development team and change your custom maven code to update to the latest version available.

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