Fixing Common Problems

Tcat Server reached its End of Life in 2017. Contact your Customer Success Manager to determine options for managing, monitoring, or deploying your application.

If you are experiencing issues, review the following common problems and workarounds for Tcat Server.

Unable to Communicate with Tcat Server

When servers are registered, they are registered with a specific IP address. If you are testing on a laptop with a wireless connection and you move from one location to another, your IP address might change, and the servers no longer are able to communicate with Tcat Server.


In this case, you must un-register and re-register the servers with the current IP address.

Main Screen Does Not Appear

If you are running Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 2008, you can log in to Tcat Server but the main screen does not appear.


To work around this, choose File > Add this site to…​ > Trusted Sites.

Deployment Is Interrupted

If you navigate to another tab while a package is being deployed, the deployment is interrupted.


To work around this issue, wait for a package to be deployed before navigating elsewhere.

Monitoring and Diagnostic Screens Disappear

If you increase the font size on Mozilla Firefox, the monitoring and diagnostic screens disappear.


Leave the font size set to the default.

Filename Parentheses in Firefox

If you download the installer more than once, Firefox appends parentheses to the file name, which causes problems when you try to run the installer.


If you must download the installer again, delete the original file first so that Firefox leaves the original name intact

SSL/TLS Handshake Exception

APR Connector Failure using Tomcat 5.5 with Tcat

Errors such as " Remote host closed connection during handshake" may result from limitations within the Tcat Server Administration Console, which cannot currently pair with SSL/TLS connectors under certain conditions.


  • Configure the Tomcat servers with an HTTP (non-SSL) connector on a port that the firewall blocks from the public internet, but not from the console.

  • Configure the Tomcat servers with an AJP (non-SSL) connector on a port that the firewall blocks from the public internet, but not from the console.

Tcat Fails to Start on Windows

Tcat Server service on Windows fails to start


Solution: Open a terminal window and navigate to the Tcat Server installation/bin directory. Type tcatserver6w and examine the contents under Java tab. Make sure both JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME are pointing to the right path

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