Disable Multicasting

Tcat Server reached its End of Life in 2017. Contact your Customer Success Manager to determine options for managing, monitoring, or deploying your application.

This section explains how to disable multicasting for Tcat Server instances. This can be done before startup, thereby preventing the Administrative Console from seeing an instance as Unregistered, or after startup, enabling you to register the server with an Administration Console first.

Before Starting the Tcat Server Instance

NOTE: For this procedure, you need a working installation of Java JDK 1.5 (not a JRE) or newer.

After installing Tcat Server, open a command line and navigate to the application install directory for the instance you want to alter.

  1. cd webapps

  2. mkdir agent

  3. cd agent

  4. jar xf ../agent.war

  5. cd WEB-INF

  6. Open agent.properties and set broadcastingEnabled to false

  7. Multicasting disables when this Tcat Server instance starts

After Server is Registered

After pairing an instance of Tcat Server with an Administration Console, you can use the Console to Edit tcat-env.conf.

  1. Select the Tcat instance from the Administration Console

  2. Click the Server Name

  3. Click the Files tab

  4. Navigate to /Webapps/agent/WEB-INF and select agent.properties

  5. Click Edit and set broadcastingEnabled to false

  6. Click Save

  7. Select Webapps tab and select agent

  8. Click Reload

  9. Multicasting is now disabled persistently for this instance

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