The Global Dashboard

Tcat Server reached its End of Life in 2017. Contact your Customer Success Manager to determine options for managing, monitoring, or deploying your application.

The Tcat Global Dashboard allows you to create a unique view into your Tcat Server instance using the provided customizable portlets.

By default, Tcat Server includes the Server Health, Application Status, Raised Alert and Deployment Status portlet – and many more are currently under development!

  • Server Health Portlet - Allows you to monitor the heath and key memory metrics of specific servers or just servers within a specific group. It also includes a sparkline graph of memory usage trends.

  • Application Status Portlet - Allows you to monitor the availability and number of active sessions of the web applications contained in your deployments.

  • Deployment Status Portlet - Allows you to monitor the state of your deployments, or just the deployments in defined server groups.

  • Raised Alerts Portlet - Allows you to quickly see what alerts, if any, have occurred in your Tcat Server instance. You can also limit this to specific server groups.



You can rearrange the position of each portlet on the dashboard by "drag and dropping" the porlet to the desired location. Portlets can be removed by clicking on the close icon in the top right corner of each portlet. Adding a new portlet is as simple as selecting the desired type from the drop down "Add Porlet" menu.

If a portlet supports customization you can do so by clicking the configure icon in the top right porlet container – this renders the configuration panel which varies depending on available options for each portlet type.


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