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Upgrading and Migrating Twilio Connector to Version 4.x - Mule 4

Upgrade Anypoint Connector for Twilio (Twilio Connector) from version 3.x.x to version 4.x.x to take advantage of new functionality.

Supported Upgrade Paths

From Version To Version



Changes in This Release

  • Changed the prefix for all connector operations from twilio-connector to twilio.

  • Removed the prefix property_ from the connector configuration. For example, property_username= is now username=, and property_password= is now password=.

  • Changed the Redact Message operation name to Update Message.

  • Changed the Get Message List operation name to List Message Old and added the following new fields to the operation:

    • Date Sent<

    • Date Sent>

    • Page Size

  • Changed the Get Media List operation name to List Media Old and added the following new fields to the operation:

    • Date Created<

    • Date Created>

    • Page Size

  • The Get Media operation name changed to Fetch Media.

  • The Get Message operation name changed to Fetch Message.

  • The Send Message operation name changed to Create Message.

New Operations

Added 124 new operations for Twilio Connector 4.0. These operations include:

Twilio Operation Description

Create Account

Creates a new Twilio subaccount from the account making the request.

Create address

Creates a new address within your account.

Create Application

Creates a new application within your application.

Create Call

Creates a new outgoing call to phones, SIP-enabled endpoints, or Twilio client connections

Delete Key

Deletes an API key. This revokes its authorization to authenticate to the REST API and invalidates all access tokens generated using its secret.

Delete Queue

Removes an empty queue.

Delete Recording

Deletes a recording from your account.

Fetch Balance

Fetches the balance for an account based on the account SID. Balance changes might not be reflected immediately. Child accounts do not contain balance information.

Fetch Conference

Fetches an instance of a conference.

Update Payments

Update an instance of payments with different phases of payment flows.

Update Sip Credentials

Updates a credential resource.

Upgrade Prerequisites

Before you perform the upgrade, you must create a backup of your files, data, and configurations in case you need to restore to them.

Upgrade Steps

Follow these steps to perform the upgrade:

  1. In Anypoint Studio, create a Mule project.

  2. In the Mule Palette view, click Search in Exchange.

  3. In Add Dependencies to Project, enter twilio in the search field.

  4. In Available modules, select Twilio Connector and click Add.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Verify that the Twilio Connector dependency version is 4.0.0 in the pom.xml file in the Mule project.

Studio upgrades the connector automatically.

Verify the Upgrade

After you install the latest version of the connector, follow these steps to verify the upgrade:

  1. In Studio, verify that there are no errors in the Problems or *Console views.

  2. Verify that there are no problems in the project pom.xml file.

  3. Test the connection to verify that the operations work.

Revert the Upgrade

If it is necessary to revert to the previous version of Twilio Connector, change the 4.0.0 dependency version in the project’s pom.xml file to the previous version.

You must update the project’s pom.xml file in Anypoint Studio.

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