Workday - Design Center Configuration - Mule 4

Anypoint Design Center’s Flow Designer enables you to create apps visually. To use Flow Designer, work with your Anypoint Platform administrator to ensure that you have a Design environment. For more information, see the Flow Designer Tour.

To create an app in Flow Designer:

  • Configure the source (trigger) for your app.

  • Configure the target component for your app.

For information on Design Center field values, see the Workday Connector Reference.

Configure the Trigger

A trigger starts your app. Workday Connector provides the Modified Object Trigger operation that starts your app when an object is created, modified, or deleted in Workday. Alternatively, you can use the HTTP Listener operation to start your app from a browser or with a command such as curl. Another alternative is to use Scheduler to start your app on a timed schedule.

  1. In Design Center, click Create.

  2. Click Create new application.

  3. Specify a value for Project name, and click Create.

  4. Click Go straight to canvas to exit from Let’s get started and go to Flow Designer.

  5. Click the trigger card.

  6. If you are using Workday Connector as the trigger, search for the connector; otherwise, you can use HTTP Listener or Scheduler.

  7. Complete these fields when using the Modified Object Trigger operation:

    Field Description Required?


    Name of the configuration to use.


    Object Types

    Object type that triggers the poll.


    Scheduling Strategy

    Scheduler configuration that triggers your app by polling.



    Polling frequency in time units.


    Start delay

    Time that Scheduler waits before starting.


    Time Unit

    Time unit for Frequency and Start delay values.


  8. Click Test.

Design Center automatically saves all changes.

Configure the Target Component

The target component enables your app to process data received from the trigger. Workday Connector provides operations that you can use to perform tasks for educational organizations, human resources, professional services, payroll, and benefits administration.

  1. Click + next to the trigger card.

  2. In Select a component, search for the Workday Connector.

  3. Select the connector name.

  4. Select an operation for the connector.

  5. Complete these fields:

    Field Description Required?


    Name of the configuration to use.



    Type of operation to execute.



    Payload for the operation.


  6. Click the Test button to test the connection.