Zuora Design Center Configuration - Mule 4

Design Center Flow Designer enables you to create apps visually. To use Design Center, work with your Anypoint Platform administrator to ensure that you have a Design environment. For more information, see the Flow Designer Tour.

To create an app in Flow Designer:

  • Configure the input source (trigger) for your app.

  • Add the connector as a component to process the input for the app.

Configure the Input Source Trigger

  1. In Design Center, click Create.

  2. Click Create new application.

  3. Specify a value for Project name, and click Create.

  4. Click Go straight to canvas to exit from Let’s get started.

  5. Click on the Trigger card.

  6. Search for and select HTTP Listener or Scheduler.

  7. Complete the fields with the values you want to configure for your trigger. For more information on field values, see the Zuora Connector Reference - Mule 4.

Configure the Zuora Target Component

To add a Zuora connector as a component:

  1. Click + next to the trigger card.

  2. In Select a component, search for the connector name.

  3. Select the connector and the operation.

  4. If needed, specify values that are required in the General tab.

    For example, if you choose Add Attachments as the operation, you must enter a value for the Associated Object Type and Associated Object Key fields.

  5. Click Click here to set it up to set required fields.

  6. Specify access information to the connector resource. For this connector, you can use only Basic Authentication, as described below.

  7. Click Test to test the connection.

Parameters for the Basic Auth Configuration

Use these parameters to configure Basic Auth:

Field Description


Zuora username.


Zuora password.

Base Uri

Base path of the Zuora REST API for your instance. Example: https://apisandbox-api.zuora.com:443/.

Zuora API Configuration

Next Step

After creating an app in Design Center, see the Zuora Examples section to experiment with the Zuora connector.

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