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General Use of Commands and Flags

Use Anypoint Platform CLI commands to automate a subset of product actions through scripts. Anypoint Platform CLI 4.0 and later can be run only in batch mode. Interactive mode is no longer supported.


The Anypoint Platform CLI command set has the following syntax:

$ anypoint-cli-v4 [command]  [parameters] [flags]

If you run a command and there is an error, the application exits and returns a description of the issue.

When using multi-option flags in a command, either put the parameter before the flags:

anypoint-cli-v4 governance:api:validate param1 param2 --rulesets value1 --rulesets value2 --rulesets value3

Or use a `-- ` (two dashes followed by a space) before the parameter:

anypoint-cli-v4 governance:api:validate --rulesets value1 --rulesets value2 --rulesets value3 -- param1 param2
You can write all commands separated by spaces or colons. For example: runtime-mgr:application:list can also be runtime-mgr application list.

Default Flags

Anypoint Platform CLI commands have the following default flags:

Flag Description


Displays command usage information


Your organization within Anypoint Platform

You can also pass this value using the environment variable export ANYPOINT_ORG=<name>.


Your Anypoint Platform environment

You can also pass this value using the environment variable export ANYPOINT_ENV=<name>.


The host of your Anypoint Platform Installation
This value defaults to

  • If you are using Anypoint Platform PCE, pass the address where you are hosting the platform.

  • If you are using Anypoint Platform EU Cloud, pass your EU control plane URL.

You can also pass this value using a dedicated environment variable ANYPOINT_HOST=<name>. For example,

Override Order

You can use environment variables to define values in Anypoint CLI. Following is the override order if you mix environment variable settings with explicit command line values:

  • Environment variables override credentials file parameters.

  • Command-line parameters override environment variables.

  • If you do not pass a command-line flag, the default profile properties are used.

  • If you do not specify an environment, the default is production.

Session Timeout

Your Anypoint Platform session expires based on the Default session timeout configured in your Organization settings.

For information about Root Organization settings, see Manage Root Organization Settings.

Anonymized Usage Data

To improve the Anypoint CLI experience, we gather anonymized usage data. You can opt out by setting collectMetrics to false in the credentials file.