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Deploying Applications to Runtime Fabric using Maven (Mule 3)

Runtime Fabric supports using Mule Maven Plugin 2.3.x to manage and deploy Mule applications. The information in this topic is specific to deploying a Mule application to Mule runtime engine 3.x.

To deploy Mule 4 applications using Mule Maven Plugin 3.x, see Deploy an Application to Runtime Fabric using Maven (Mule 4)


Studio allows you to select only two project types when uploading an application to Exchange: example and template. To specify a different project type, publish your application using Maven.

Add the Mule Maven Plugin to a Mule Project

To add the Mule Maven Plugin, you need to add its maven dependency to the project:

Enable extensions. If <extensions>true</extensions> is not present, the plugin does not work.

From this repository:


This enables the Mule Maven Plugin in your project.

Deployment and Reference Information.

For deployment instructions using Mule Maven Plugin 2.3.x and complete reference information, see Deploy a Mule Application to Runtime Fabric.

If you are using Mule Maven Plugin 2.2.x or earlier, see Mule Maven Plugin 2.2.x.