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Log Tokenization

A Titanium subscription is required to use this feature.

App metrics are collected and forwarded to Anypoint Monitoring, where you can manage and search the logs in the Anypoint Monitoring log management console. Log tokenization provides an extra layer of security for logs that may contain sensitive data.

Log messages are often difficult to parse in order to apply meaningful tokenization because they can have so many different formats. The tokenization service connector helps you tokenize logs by parsing the unstructured content of logs to find the break points so that log messages can be broken into meaningful tokens. You can leverage the Anypoint Security tokenization service, which runs in Runtime Fabric, to tokenize and detokenize Mule app logs.

Supported Mule Versions

Log tokenization is supported on:

  • Hybrid apps running on Mule 3.x or 4.x

  • CloudHub apps running on Mule 3.x or 4.x


  1. Install Runtime Fabric.

  2. Enable inbound traffic on Runtime Fabric.

  3. In Anypoint Security, create a tokenization format.

  4. In Runtime Manager, create the tokenization service.

  5. In API Manager, set up the API gateway for the Mule app to serve as the proxy.

Add the Required Components to Your App Flow

To enable log tokenization, you need to create an app flow using Flow Designer or Studio and add the required components.

  1. In Flow Designer or Studio, create an app flow for the Mule app.

  2. Add the following components to your Mule app flow.

Component Description

Logger component

This core component logs important information. You can add the Logger component anywhere in a flow. See Logger Component.

Tokenization API

The Tokenization API allows calls to a configured tokenization service which enables you to substitute a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent.
The Tokenization API is available on the MuleSoft public portal. Go to Anypoint Exchange and search for "Tokenization API".

Log Tokenization connector

You can find the Log Tokenization connector in Monitoring > Tools.

  1. Once you have configured your app flow, in Anypoint Monitoring, click Log Search in the menu on the left.
    On the log search page, you can search for the tokenized values.

  2. To detokenize a value, go to API Manager. See Detokenization Policy

    You must have the Manage Policies permission to detokenize values. See Granting Permission to Access an Environment