Change a Custom Policy Version for Mule 3

In API Manager, you can change the version of your custom policies for your Mule 3 applications without having to remove your current policies and leave your API instance insecure.

  1. Create and upload a new version of one of your existing custom policies.
    See Adding the Custom Policy to API Manager to learn how to upload a custom policy.
    Make sure to add a distinctive name to your new version. For example, Regex Filter Policy v2.

  2. In API Manager, go to API Administration, and select the version of the API instance to which you want to change the version of its custom policy.

  3. Click Policies.

  4. Expand the policy name you want to change versions, click Actions, and select Change Version.
    A popup lists all your configured custom policies of your business group.

    upgrade custom policy mule3 3e0bb
  5. Select the new version of your custom policy, and click Configure Policy.

    upgrade custom policy mule3 0a3c0

    Note that the fields that you configured on your earlier versions are still configured in your policy. Additionally, the UI points out the new fields to configure.

  6. Click Apply.

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