Step 6. Operate the Deployed API

MuleSoft provides tools to help you manage your deployed API.

Runtime Manager user interface showing the Dashboard

To check the health of your API:

  1. From your Anypoint Platform organization, navigate to the Runtime Manager.

    Runtime Manager displays a list of apps in the Design environment by default.

  2. Switch to the Sandbox environment:

    1. Click the Design environment button.

    2. Click Sandbox, and then click the Switch button.

  3. Click anywhere in the row for hello-world-greeting-us-proxy.

If you’ve sent a few test requests to the proxy, you can see the traffic in the form of Mule messages in the interface.

Other information you can obtain from Runtime Manager:

  • Click Logs to review every transaction for the selected app for the last 30 days (up to 100 MB).

  • Click Settings to review the settings for this app. You can also enable Monitoring and Visualizer from the Settings page.

Developer Deep Dive

The more work your API does, the more data Runtime Manager can provide. To learn more, visit the Runtime Manager documentation.

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