Step 1. Prerequisites for Building an API

Before you begin your API-led journey, verify that you have the required tools and access:

  • Username and password for your Anypoint Platform organization. If you don’t have Anypoint Platform yet, create a Trial organization on Anypoint Platform.

  • Download Anypoint Studio 7.4.1 or later. Anypoint Studio is an Eclipse-based IDE with rich functionality for building and deploying apps to Anypoint Platform.

  • To test REST requests, obtain a client such as Advanced REST Client or Postman if you don’t already have one. This tutorial uses Advanced REST Client.

    Depending on your platform, you might need to install a different client, or install Advanced REST Client from GitHub.

Helpful Hints

  • Use two browser windows: One to read instructions and one to perform the tasks.

  • Set Advanced REST Client to have a long timeout. When you step through the processes during debugging, you don’t want the REST request to time out.

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