Secrets Manager

February 20, 2021

Starting with this release, Secrets Manager no longer uses the lock feature when creating or modifying a secrets group. In previous versions of Secrets Manager, changes made to a secrets group were not applied until you clicked Finish to commit the changes. After this update, changes to a secret group, such as creating a key store or TLS context, are applied as soon as they are created or saved. The Finish and Cancel Edit buttons are no longer applicable.

March 30, 2020

When creating a TLS context using Secrets Manager, the expiration date incorrectly defaults to one year for keystore expirations that are shorter than one year. (SE-15141)

Workaround: Manually enter the correct expiration date in the Expiration Date field when creating or editing a TLS context.

November 9, 2019

This release has the following known issue:

In the Secret Groups left navigation, CRL Distributor Config appears, but it is not yet supported, and you can’t add a Certificate List Distributor (CRL) configuration to your Secret Group.

January 12, 2019

This Secrets Manager release has the following fixed issue:

Users Unable to Perform Actions in Secrets Manager

When users of business groups accessed the Secrets Manager user interface, the do not have permission error occurred when trying to perform actions in Secrets Manager. This happened even though the master organization (or a parent of a business group) had the API Manager Environments entitlement.

FIX: If the master organization has the API Manager Environments entitlement, users of the child business groups are now able to access Secrets Manager functionality.

For more information about Secrets Manager, see Secret Groups

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