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API Catalog CLI Release Notes

MuleSoft announces the release of Anypoint API Catalog CLI.

API Catalog CLI enables you to discover and catalog your API definitions, documentation files, and associated metadata by running commands at a command prompt or as part of your automation tools, such as a CI/CD pipeline or custom scripts.


April 1, 2023

What’s New

  • You can now use API Catalog CLI with a Network Proxy. For more information, see Using API Catalog CLI with a Network Proxy.

  • You can now authenticate to API Catalog with the new environment variable ANYPOINT_CERTIFICATE. This variable adds CAcert certificates to API Catalog CLI.

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

API Catalog now successfully publishes ASSETs when running behind a proxy.



July 23, 2022

Fixed Issues

Issue ID

API Catalog now successfully creates the documentation page when defining references between markdown files.



May 17, 2022

What’s New

This release includes the following changes:

  • Improvements to the documentation in the api-catalog-tool Github repository and the api-catalog-cli npm page


May 16, 2022

What’s New

You can autocatalog your APIs using the API Catalog CLI commands as follows:

  • Run the API Catalog create-descriptor command to identify and create descriptor information for all API assets in your API project directory structure.

  • Run the API Catalog update-descriptor command to identify new and changed APIs and update the descriptor information.

  • Reference the descriptor file in the API Catalog publish-asset command to publish the API assets to Exchange either at a command prompt or as part of your CI/CD pipelines or custom scripts.

You can control the API information to publish using the descriptor file as follows:

  • Add descriptor information that cannot be automatically generated, such as version strategies and tags.

  • Add descriptor conditions and pass parameters to the publish command to determine whether all or some of the APIs are published.

  • Add descriptor conditions and pass parameters to the publish command to control the version strategy of the APIs that are published.


Command Description

api-catalog autocomplete

Configures autocompletion for API Catalog commands

api-catalog conf

Creates or deletes a credentials configuration file

api-catalog create-descriptor

Creates a descriptor file

api-catalog update-descriptor

Updates a descriptor file

api-catalog publish-asset

Publishes assets to Exchange


For details, see the API Catalog CLI documentation.