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API Gateway Runtime 2.1.1 Release Notes

MuleSoft is pleased to announce the 2.1.1 release of the API Gateway runtime. This release mainly includes bug fixes and a security improvement.


  • Mule ESB Runtime 3.7.3

  • APIkit 1.7.3

  • Anypoint Studio 5.4.3

  • Anypoint Runtime Manager 1.3.1

Fixed in this release

  • AGW-242: Move restClient initialization logic for fast deploy on CloudHub.

  • AGW-411: When Gateway is started in offline mode, and comes online again, communication with API Manager stops.

  • AGW-557: If a tracked api is deleted from API Platform, an unexpected error logs indefinitely.

  • AGW-594: Make flowRef required and add validations in case the source is null.

  • AGW-625: Gateway is removing policies when it is unable to parse its contents correctly.

  • AGW-695: Enable API Platform rest client support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Java 7.

  • AGW-700: Performance degrades when analytics is enabled.

  • AGW-708: Analytics events are not sent for RAML proxies when calling a host that is unknown to Gateway.

  • AGW-745: When Gateway is restarted without connectivity, do not remove all applied policies.

  • AGW-752: Remove unnecessary patch from distribution.

  • AGW-759: Validation of headers in extended CORS is wrong.

  • Reverted AGW-502: Avoiding Content-Length header to be filtered by the CopyHeadersTransformer. Also, removed Connection header, as it is filtered by the mule transport.

Security Improvement in this Release

AGW-734: For PCI compliance, TLS v1.0 support was removed from the tls-default.conf file.

Patches Included in this Release

  • SE-3090: Grizzly connection-pool-delays-thread-pool thread blocking the other threads

  • SE-3213: Infinite loop in error handling when HTTP listener response sending fails in some scenarios with non-blocking processing strategy.

Migration Guide from 1.3.x

For migration information, refer to the API Gateway 2.0 release notes.

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