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APIkit 3.8.0 Release Notes


  • Mule Runtime 3.8.0

  • Anypoint Studio 6.0.0

  • Java Parser 0.1.0-alpha-2

  • Javascript Parser 0.2.10

  • Console 3.0.0

New Features and Functionality

Early Access RAML 1.0

This release introduces early access RAML 1.0 specification. The new RAML version introduces a number of features, listed in the comparison of releases. For users migrating to RAML 1.0, see the list of breaking changes between RAML 0.8 and RAML 1.0

To support the latest version, a new Java implementation of the parser is available. Access the source code and reported issues on github. APIkit relies on an alpha version of the parser that isn’t fully supported by RAML yet. The following table lists the features gaps. Refer to the "RAML 1.0 features gap" for updates.

Text Parameter

uses key

The spec allows using uses in any fragment. At this moment the parser only allows its use in root level RAML documents and libraries.

Annotations for scalar fields

The spec allows applying annotations to scalar nodes besides certain mapping nodes. Annotations at scalar level are not supported.

Overlays restrictions

Overlay application is not enforcing all the required restrictions. The extra restrictions that Overlays enforce vs. Extensions are not being validated.

Security Schemes gaps

  • OAuth 1.0 signatures setting is not supported

  • OAuth 2.0 authorizationUri is always optional, no matter which authorization grants are used

XML Examples validations against YAML types

Validation of XML examples against types defined in YAML are not supported. XML validations are only supported for schemas defined in XSD format.

type system gaps

These features, related to the definition, are not supported:

  • Inheritance of primitive types

  • discriminator field

  • Examples nested in a value

  • Xml Facet field

  • Additional properties

  • null type

  • Properties named with trailing question marks


The proxy router is now Enterprise and has been marked as deprecated in this release.

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