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APIkit 3.8.1 Release Notes

This release implements fully compliant RAML 1.0 validation. The web site describes changes from RAML 0.8 to RAML 1.0.


  • Mule Runtime 3.8.x

  • Anypoint Studio 6.0.x and 6.1.0

  • Java Parser 1.0.0-beta-2

  • Javascript Parser 0.2.32

  • Console 3.0.6

Fixed in This Release

  • APIKIT-459 api-console should be compressed when requested

  • APIKIT-506 Support uses key in any fragment

  • APIKIT-507 Support annotations in scalar fields

  • APIKIT-508 Enforce all restrictions in Overlays

  • APIKIT-509 Security scheme gaps

  • APIKIT-510 resourcePathName should resolve to the last non-parameter fragment

  • APIKIT-516 Using APIkit + Cache in cluster throws NotSerializableException

  • APIKIT-518 Annotations are no supported for scalar fields

  • APIKIT-519 XML examples validation against YAML types

  • APIKIT-520 Type System : Support for Inheritance of primitive types

  • APIKIT-521 Type System : discriminator field support

  • APIKIT-522 Type System : Examples nested in a value field

  • APIKIT-523 Type System : Xml Facet field

  • APIKIT-524 Type System : Additional properties

  • APIKIT-525 Type System : null type

  • APIKIT-526 Type System : Properties named with trailing question marks

  • APIKIT-527 Backend flows for RAML with !include are not being generated

  • APIKIT-529 Raml Java Parser: Additional properties and pattern properties

  • APIKIT-531 Support inline type inheritance

  • APIKIT-532 Resolution of resource type parameters using libraries

  • APIKIT-533 Compress the console

  • APIKIT-534 RAML 1.0 array types not working

  • APIKIT-535 Raml Java Parser: Invalid Type null, expected string

  • APIKIT-536 Parser doesn’t detect RAMLs with duplicated paths

  • APIKIT-537 Raml Java Parser: Validate missing quotes in key name using json examples

  • APIKIT-538 Opened streams prevent undeploying app

  • APIKIT-540 Error when defining schemas as collection in RAML 0.8

  • APIKIT-541 Parser interface example methods for parameters

  • APIKIT-542 Payload encoding not respected for XML validation

  • APIKIT-548 When only the type is passed, accept a header giving array index java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

  • APIKIT-549 Payload not being validated

  • APIKIT-550 NullPointerException when validating decimal fields in payload

  • APIKIT-555 Form parameters are not being validated

  • APIKIT-556 Custom exception class not found when applying policy

  • Java parser issues

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