APIkit 3.8.6 Release Notes

December 15, 2017

There are no new features in this version. There are just a few enhancements and bug fixes.

APIkit now includes the latest API Console 3.0.19.


  • Mule Runtime 3.8.x

  • Anypoint Studio 6.4.x

  • Java Parser RAML 1.0 v1.0.16

  • Java Parser RAML 0.8 v0.8.20

  • API Console 3.0.19

Fixed in this Release

  • APIKIT-752 Examples should be generated taking into account the response mimetype.

  • APIKIT-815 APIKit Parser fails on nulls.

  • APIKIT-854 Performance issue fixed using RAML 1.0.

  • APIKIT-857 CORS Headers not being handled correctly with an error response.

  • APIKIT-876 Upgrading Jackson library to 2.8.9.

  • APIKIT-888 Includes with absolute paths are not correctly resolved.

  • APIKIT-1013 String arrays as query params cause the response to failing if asterisk(*) is the first parameter char.

  • APIKIT-1059 Update CORS in APIkit.

  • APIKIT-1061 Raml 1.0 files not exposed when they are inside /classes/<folder>/.

  • APIKIT-1092 APIKit overrides incorrectly the default transformation graph.

  • APIKIT-1099 Implement a custom ResourceLoader to manage Exchange Modules.

  • #377: displayName is not valid for methods in RAML 0.8.

  • #386: TypeDeclaration validation fails if value is null.

  • #388: Error parsing XML schemas with relatives schema locations in RAML 1.0.

  • #375: displayName is not valid for Methods (get, post, put, and so on).

  • #395: Removing redundant type on JSON schema references.

  • #423/4: Validation error over API Query Params.

  • #421/2: RP-89 Root RAML file relative includes don’t work for URLs.

  • #436: Upgrade Jackson to 2.9.2.

  • #433: Traits are not applied when having unimplemented optional methods with resourcePathName in type.

  • #434: Apply traits when having unimplemented optional methods.

  • #427: Number example of a type with multipleOf throws "Can not divide by 0".

  • #429: JSON Schema validation fails when relative $ref is used.

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