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APIkit 3.9.1 Release Notes

April 23, 2018

This release supports the latest Mule 3 Runtime release and corresponding Studio version.

There are no new features in this version. There are just a few enhancements and bug fixes.


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.9.1 and later 3.9 versions

Anypoint Studio

6.4.0 and later Studio 6 versions

Java Parser RAML

1.0 v1.0.20

Java Parser RAML

0.8 v0.8.23

API Console


GitHub RAML Parser Issues Fixed

  • datetime with RFC3339 validate invalid examples. #470

  • Disabling Default Typing in ObjectMappers. #473

  • Get more verbose output when validation fails due to maxLength. #476

  • Global context is not taken into account when parsing libraries. #457 (RP-273)

  • Incorrect merging of properties when extending from a type. #488

  • Invalid reference when using a resourceType fragment that implements a trait which uses a type defined in the root RAML. #454

  • JSON schema validation error is not precise when using a not normalized URI in a $ref. #474

  • JSON Schema validation fails when relative '$ref' is used. #429

  • NPE when parsing RAML files containing included fragments that reference types defined in the root raml. #453 (RP-253)

  • NPE when using schema under securityScheme. #478

  • Number example of a type with multipleOf throws "Cannot divide by 0". #427

  • RAML parser validates additionalProperties before explicit ones. #468

  • StackOverflowError parsing raml with recursion. #460

  • Traits are not applied when having unimplemented optional methods with resourcePathName in type. #433

  • Updating library commons-beanutils to v1.9.3. #446

  • Upgrade Jackson library to 2.9.5 for RAML 0.8 and 1.0. #484

  • validate() in TypeDeclaration doesn’t work as expected when validating a blank space. #485

  • Validation fails when using "uses" inside a DataType fragment. #445