APIkit 3.9.3 Release Notes

May 31, 2019

This release supports the Mule 3.9.3 Runtime release and corresponding Studio version.

There are no new features in this version. There are just a few enhancements and bug fixes.


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.9.1 and later 3.9 versions

Enhancement in This Release

  • APIkit now parses org.mule.transport.NullPayload when sending a null payload.

  • Removed invalid APIKit WARN messages when two APIKit routers were included in a project.

  • The content-type request header is now case insensitive.

  • Added validation for RAML specified date time format.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing APIkit to respond with a 400 Bad Request response whenever a query parameter type was defined as nil|string and a number was sent instead.

  • Fixed issue where query parameters were parsed as a ParameterMap and some other times as a HashMap.

  • Fixed issue preventing multipart parameters from being validated.

  • Fixed issue where the RAML parser threw a Raml parser uncaught exception: Merging not supported for nodes of type OverridableNativeTypeExpressionNode and TypeDeclarationNode error when parsing an API specification.

  • Fixed issue where importing a RAML definition from Design Center duplicated the APIKit configurations.

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