APIkit Mule4-1.1.0 Release Notes

January 19, 2018

What’s New

APIkit for SOAP


  • Mule Runtime 4.1.0

  • Anypoint Studio 7.1.0

  • Java Parser RAML 1.0 v1.0.17

  • Java Parser RAML 0.8 v0.8.21

  • API Console 4.2.0

Fixed in the Release

  • APIkit config does not resolve RAMLs defined as a URL. (APIKIT-1091)

  • Field localAddress added to APIkit metadata. (APIKIT-1107)

  • Resolve {version} at resource level. (APIKIT-754)

  • Implement a custom ResourceLoader to manage Exchange Modules. (APIKIT-1099)

  • If query param starts with asterisk, surround it with quotes when validating. (APIKIT-1013)

  • API Console does not work with XML schema. (APIKIT-1131)

  • Performance overhead using APIkit router. (APIKIT-1146)

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