APIkit Mule4-1.2.0 Release Notes

January 7, 2019

This release notes briefly describe the new features released in APIkit 1.2.0.

What’s New

  • APIkit is now using AMF as the default framework to parse APIs and to validate all incoming requests.
    AMF provides a way to achieve a unified behavior both at design time (Designer Center) and during runtime as well as OAS support. If needed, there is a way to use the previous RAML parser by specifying it in the apikit config tag.

  • API Console was upgraded to version 5, which also uses AMF to read the API. This console is displayed when AMF is used.
    When specifying RAML parser in the config, the old console is displayed.

  • Query String validation support.


  • Mule Runtime 4.1.2 and later

  • Anypoint Studio 7.2.0 and later

  • Java Parser RAML 1.0 v1.0.29

  • Java Parser RAML 0.8 v0.8.29

  • API Console 4.2.1

  • API Console 5


  • When using RAML parser to parse APIs and validate requests against them, the API Console used is the 4.2.1 version.

  • Validations on query string over either scalar or arrays types are not performed.

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