APIkit 1.3.0 for Mule 4 Release Notes

November 28, 2019

What’s New

This release focused on bug fixes.


  • Mule Runtime 4.1.2 and later

  • Anypoint Studio 7.2.0 and later

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that is was not validating a RAML specified date time format

  • Now a summary is displayed when opening console

  • Updated APIKit Console to latest version

  • Fixed an issue that does not allow type names that contain dots

  • Fixed an issue of the API console that doesn’t work if RAML doesn’t have BaseUri parameter


  • The Scaffolding result is now enriched with errors during the processs.

  • AMF console updated to lastest version

  • Java 11 support on APIKit

  • now when Scaffolding empty API Specs (no resources). APIKit generates mule configs with the main flow but no resource flows.

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