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APIkit for SOAP 1.1.2 Release Notes

This version of APIkit for SOAP includes a fix to the runtime.

For Anypoint Studio, this version is distributed as Anypoint APIkit SOAP Extension 1.1.2.


Software Version

Mule Runtime

4.1.0 and later

Anypoint Studio

7.1.0 and later

Fixed in This Release

  • RuntimeException error creating a Config from scratch. (APIKITSOAP-168)

  • WSDL from URL not working. (APIKITSOAP-169)

  • Sometimes scaffolding of flows in Windows does not work. (APIKITSOAP-170)

  • Metadata Keys in Windows do not work, the Service and Port combo boxes are never populated with values. (APIKITSOAP-171)

  • Fixed Fault Metadata behavior. (APIKITSOAP-176)

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