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APIkit for SOAP 1.1.3 Release Notes

July 24, 2018

This version of APIkit for SOAP includes bug fixes.

For Anypoint Studio, this version is distributed as Anypoint APIkit SOAP Extension 1.1.3.


Software Version

Mule Runtime

4.1.0 and later

Anypoint Studio

7.1.0 and later

Fixed in This Release

  • Use currentThread().classloader to load WSDL.

  • WSDL and xsd resources are now included in mule-artifact.json.

  • Backport: APIKIT For SOAP is not routing to the correct flow when no soapAction defined.

  • Scaffolder does not load the full WSDL definition with references.

  • Upgrade WSDLParser version in SOAPKIT for M4.

  • Failed to deploy artifact [soap-exp-api] when creating a Mule application based on WSDL.

  • Referenced WSDL and XSD are not copied to /api during scaffolding.

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