Cassandra Connector Release Notes

May 30, 2017

The Anypoint Cassandra connector provides the capability to connect a Mule app to a Cassandra database or cluster. The MuleSoft support category for the Cassandra connector is Select.

Version 2.0.0 Compatibility

The Cassandra connector was implemented using the DataStax Java Driver for Apache Cassandra 3.1. The connector is compatible with the following software:

  • Cassandra database or cluster 1.2 or later

  • Cassandra 3.0.11 or earlier if you use the Change Column Type operation

  • CQL spec 3.x

  • Anypoint Studio 6.x and Mule Runtime 3.6 or later, or Mule Runtime only

The capability to change the data type of a column using the CQL alter table query was removed from Cassandra 3.0.11 and later; consequently, the Cassandra connector Change Column Type operation does not work if you connect to a Cassandra database that does not support this capability.

Key Features

The Cassandra connector supports the following capabilities:

  • Basic Authentication for accessing the database as configured in the cassandra.yaml

  • Executing any CQL query using a custom POJO

  • Performing the following Cassandra Query Language (CQL) database operations, which are described in the Cassandra Connector javadoc, using a wizard:

    Add new column

    Delete columns value

    Drop table


    Change column type

    Delete rows

    Drop keyspace


    Create keyspace

    Drop Column

    Rename column

    Create table

    Get table names from keyspace


  • Configuring Cassandra cluster operations, such as compression and SSL

  • All CQL primitive data types except:

    • list

    • map

    • set

    • tuple