Object Store Connector Release Notes - Mule 4

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July 1, 2021


Software Version


4.1.1 and later

Anypoint Studio

7.3 and later


8 and 11

Fixed Issues

  • Optimized the connector to improve its overall stability and performance.


April 21, 2021

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to throw a generic MULE:UNKNOWN Mule error instead of the connector specific Mule errors OS:KEY_NOT_FOUND or OS:KEY_ALREADY_EXISTS. (COBJCON-6)


March 22, 2021

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a bug that caused the application to fail when the ObjectStore v2 rate limit was reached inside a parallel for-each. (COBJCON-5)


November 3, 2020

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a bug that caused two applications within the same domain couldn’t define top level object stores with the same name if the Object Store Connector dependency was declared in the domain. (MULE-18947)


April 13, 2020

Fixed Issues

  • Rely on underlying lock on store operation. (MULE-18232)


March 30, 2020

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a race condition where ObjectStore store operation could throw ObjectAlreadyExistsException even when failIfPresent was set to false. (MULE-18232)

  • Avoid duplicated operations in order to improve performance. (MULE-16631)


January 31, 2019

Fixed Issues

  • Object Store operations should execute in the IO pool. (MULE-16409)


October 22, 2018

Fixed Issues

  • Message in exceptions references "null" as the ObjectStore name. (MULE-15285)

  • Top level ObjectStore throws NPE if used before application Start. (MULE-15210)

  • MUnit test fails with duplicated ObjectStore when running multiple suites. (MULE-15779)


May 17, 2018

Fixed Issues

  • Add name identifier to ObjectStoreManager injection to support CloudHub deployments. (MULE-14987)


January 27, 2018

Fixed Issues

  • ObjectStore connector does not work properly with MUnit tests when referencing a global. (MULE-14335)


July 29, 2017

The Object Store Connector is new for use in Design Center > Mule Application.


Software Version

Anypoint Studio

7 and later

Design Center

0.8.1 and later


  • Enables applications to store data for access by other applications

  • Stores key/value pair content

  • Works easily with Design Center

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