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Object Store Connector Release Notes for Mule 4

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January 31, 2019

Fixed in this Release

  • Object Store operations should execute in the IO pool. (MULE-16409)


October 22, 2018

Fixed in this Release

  • Message in exceptions references "null" as the ObjectStore name. (MULE-15285)

  • Top level ObjectStore throws NPE if used before application Start. (MULE-15210)

  • MUnit test fails with duplicated ObjectStore when running multiple suites. (MULE-15779)


May 17, 2018

Fixed in this Release

  • Add name identifier to ObjectStoreManager injection to support CloudHub deployments. (MULE-14987)


January 27, 2018

Fixed in this Release

  • ObjectStore connector does not work properly with MUnit tests when referencing a global. (MULE-14335)


July 29, 2017

The Object Store Connector is new for use in Design Center > Mule Application.


Software Version

Anypoint Studio

7 and later

Design Center

0.8.1 and later


  • Enables applications to store data for access by other applications

  • Stores key/value pair content

  • Works easily with Design Center