MUnit Studio Plugin 2.4.2 Release Notes

April 14, 2020

This release contains the beta version of the MUnit test recorder and fixes bugs.


Software Version


Mule 4.1.1 or higher

Anypoint Studio

Anypoint Studio 7.4.2

Features and Functionality

  • Beta feature of MUnit test recorder.
    The test recorder enables you to record a processing flow and then configure a unit test based on the captured event. See Test Recorder in Studio for more information.

Known Issues

  • The test recorder does not support custom VM arguments.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed Attribute to Attributes in the custom editors.

  • Fixed issue where RunConfiguration did not propagate the security settings path.

  • Fixed issue where the test recorder did not allow you to select or configure routers or scopes.

  • Fixed issue where the test recorder did not use a set event and assert output by default.

  • Fixed issue where a doc:id element was not added to the Spy, Mock, and Verify processors.

  • The test recorder now selects all elements for the set event by default.

  • Fixed issue where the test recorder prevented you from testing error handlers inside a flow.

  • Fixed issue where the test recorder did not select all trees when there were multiple interceptions.

  • Fixed issue where the test recorder did not allow you to define an action on a Parallel For-Each processor.

  • Fixed issue on the test recorder where a warning on a Spy processor with multiple events cut off the Action Selector view.

  • Fixed issue on the test recorder where the key of an entry inside a map with an empty map as a value was not shown as bold.

  • The Run Configuration view now uses the project’s name instead of the POM file name.

  • Fixed issue where MUnit always included the REST Connector module-*.xml for coverage rate report.


  • The test recorder now creates a single Run Configuration option for each type of run.

  • Amplitude now displays the payload property.

  • The test recorder’s tree view no longer requires you to double-click the elements to expand them.

  • The was called key for the Verify processor option now shows a default value based on the intercepted events.

  • The test recorder now shows the saved configuration of a selected processor.

  • The test recorder now saves your configuration changes automatically every time you change views in the tree selector.

  • You can no longer define mocks on the ee-transform and logger processors.

  • The defined behaviors in the test recorder are now based on type of processor being configured.

  • The test recorder now validates the actions defined while recording and shows a summary before creating the test.


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