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MUnit 2.1.0 Release Notes

January 26, 2018

This new release provides:

  • Domain Support.

  • Support lazy connections.

  • New set of assertion matchers.

  • Anypoint Studio Data Sense support.

  • Create Anypoint Studio launch configuration based on munit-maven-plugin configuration.

  • Improve metadata handling in Anypoint Studio.

  • New FTP Server for Mule 4.x.

  • New DB Server for Mule 4.x.

  • Fix Test scaffolding issues based on RAML files.

MUnit Tools 2.1.0 requires Mule 4.1.0 or higher

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 15)

  • Java 8

  • Maven 3.3.3, 3.3.9


Software Version


Mule 4.1.0

Anypoint Studio

Anypoint Studio 7.1.0

Features and Functionality

MUnit Runtime

MUnit 2.1.0 is the first iteration after our major release of MUnit 2.
We have manage to fix a small number of issues that were affecting the product mainly inter op of it and also added several key features that were intentionally left out of MUnit 2.0.0.

The first new feature we added is Domain Support. You can now test your applications that are dependent of a Mule Domain without a second thought, just add your application’s domain dependency to the application’s pom.xml file and you’re ready to go.

We’ve also leveraged a new feature of Mule Runtime, lazy connections. With this new capability no connections to external systems will be created until they are actually required. Whit the new assert processor created in MUnit 2 we now have the capability to add value without breaking our DSL. In this release we have added a new set of assertion matchers that will help the user to run assertions over:

  • Collections, Iterables, and Arrays.

  • Numbers.

  • Strings.

Anypoint Studio Plugin

With this release of the MUnit Studio Plugin we are providing Datasense support.
You also have the ability to create a launch configuration based on the munit-maven-plugin configuration described in the pom.xml file which allows you to configure once and reuse it when running from Anypoint Studio or Maven without differences.

  • Improve metadata handling in Anypoint Studio.

MUnit Runtime

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.

Bug Fixes

  • MU-1180 - Db utils not setting connection properly when using db-connector.

  • MU-1284 - Re enable FTP IT in munit-utils.

  • MU-1285 - Add re connection attempts to RunnerClient.

  • MU-1298 - All Flows are being initialised and all sources are enabled.

  • MU-1309 - SDK configurations are not properly initialized with the mule lifecycle.

  • MU-1319 - MUnit runner does not use repositories in the global maven config.

  • MU-1320 - MUnit runner cannot find test suite when root folder contains spaces.

  • MU-888 - Additional Classpath Elements IT Test fails depending of mel evaluation.

  • MUSP-240 - Find Root cause of launch doesn’t have the launch_mule_server_version.

  • MUSP-581 - HTTP path from scaffolder should not generate the old "parse" expression.

  • MUSP-584 - NPE when opening coverage report on Studio.

  • MUSP-586 - Trying to create munit test on domain, window with message is not closing after click on finish.

  • MUSP-569 - Update autogenerated success-status-code-validator DSL.


There are no tasks for this release.


  • MU-475 - getResource.asString context function should receive encoding.

  • MU-513 - Migrate Java matcher to be implemented in DW.

  • MU-653 - re enable domain support.

  • MU-682 - Implement Shutdown of connections.

  • MU-868 - Create Matchers to assert Collections, Iterables, and Arrays.

  • MU-869 - Create Matchers to assert Numbers.

  • MU-870 - Create Matchers to assert Strings.

  • MU-872 - Create Matchers that have variable arguments.

  • MU-1118 - Re enable property placeholders for env variables.

  • MU-1168 - Support MediaType and Encoding for Attributes DSL.

  • MU-1208 - Improve MUnitMojoTest.

  • MU-1211 - Decrease coupling of coverage code in munit-maven-plugin.

  • MU-1212 - Migrate first set of build plans to use the pipeline plugin.

  • MU-1216 - Force plugin version declaration in pom.

  • MU-1253 - Configure logging before container is created based user’s file.

  • MU-1268 - Improve Coverage reports.

  • MU-1288 - Use ClassValue annotation for the Custom Assertion.

  • MU-1290 - Maven Plugin should only have munit-remote in the classpath.

  • MU-1296 - Check if we can also override output directory for coverage report.

  • MU-1299 - Enhance non secure libraries.

  • MU-1317 - Improve nullValue and notNullValue behavior when having null JSON.

  • MU-1325 - Remove our Diff implementation and use the one in DW.

  • MU-1012 - Test package org.mule.munit.runner.remote.api.server.

  • MU-970 - Provide Support for Server Plugins.

  • MU-906 - Re enable Mojo Coverage features.

  • MU-905 - Implement run of SPY with privileged API.

  • MU-855 - Fix apikit-module-test.xml IT.

  • MU-850 - Provide a way using DW to define attributes on event.

  • MU-798 - Migrate MUnit Utils DB server to SDK.

  • MU-753 - Migrate mock matcher functions.

  • MU-679 - Coverage reports to be created only if report section.

  • MU-634 - Remove munit-mule-extensions-loader.

  • MUSP-102 - Option to stop test if one is currently running.

  • MUSP-376 - Parse MUnit Plugin configuration and use it for launch configuration.

  • MUSP-464 - Use Required Studio feature to add test extensions to project.

  • MUSP-525 - Extract Re-Run logic into another class.

  • MUSP-556 - Generate Target folder in another location.

  • MUSP-561 - Create each Munit working Dir in different folders and delete them at the end.

  • MUSP-562 - Remove plugin.xml and leave only plugin.xml.template.

  • MUSP-566 - Perform complete MUnit run to bundle all required dependencies.

  • MUSP-568 - Enhance non secure libraries.

  • MUSP-571 - Improve apikit parser to resolve includes with absolute paths.

  • MUSP-572 - Add domain Support.

  • MUSP-583 - Review UI plan and add missing tests.


There are no stories for this release.