MUnit 2.1.3 Release Notes

August 28, 2018

This release is focused on fixing bugs.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8+

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10+

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 15)

  • Java 8

  • Maven 3.3.3, 3.3.9, 3.5.0


Software Version


Mule 4.1.2

Anypoint Studio

Anypoint Studio 7.1.2

Features and Functionality

MUnit Runtime

No new feature was introduced on this release.

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.

Bug Fixes

  • MU-1413 - Errors in after-test are not marking test as failed

  • MU-1424 - Failure when using an expression in the ignore field

  • MU-1425 - NullPointer when expression is null, with matcher hasSize and equalTo

  • MU-1389 - No log4j configuration error message when running tests

  • MU-1392 - Spying processor inside spy produces StackOverflowError

  • MU-1419 - Spying on http request tries to create a new connection and fail

  • MU-1391 - CI not marking modules with failing MUnit tests as failed

  • MU-1440 - Mock processor does not work correctly when operation has a target output to a variable


  • MUSP-605 - Turn off offline mode when calling Remote Runner


There are no stories for this release.

Anypoint Studio Plugin

This release introduces MUnit Studio plugin 2.2.1.

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