MUnit 2.3.0 Release Notes

July 2, 2020

This release introduces support for Sonar reports and fixes bugs.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 8 and later

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.10 and later

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 15)

  • Java 8, OpenJDK 11

  • Maven 3.3.3, 3.3.9, 3.5.4, and 3.6.0


  • Mule 4.3.0 or later

  • Anypoint Studio 7.3.4 or later

Known Issues

There are no known issues for this release.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue in which a test suite was being deployed even if it was ignored by the config attribute when parameterization was enabled.

  • The expectedErrorDescription attribute now runs assertions using the description inside the error instead of asserting the message of the error’s cause.

  • MUnit now supports Maven profiles.

  • Fixed issue in which MUnit execution was stuck whenever a ClassNotFoundException error occurred.

  • Fixed issue in which NullPointerException was thrown if a systemPropertyVariable value was null.

  • Fixed issue in which Munit failed to add a Maven repository with an unknown protocol.

  • Fixed issue preventing the assert-that processor from asserting a number.

  • Fixed issue in which using then-call when mocking a salesforce:query operation failed, but using then-return did not.

  • Fixed issue in which the MUnit MOJO did not consider the classifier or type of a dependency.

  • Improved logs for coverage.

  • MUnit now resolves any implicit parameter during interception.

  • Added verbosity when intercepting a processor.

  • MUnit now prints the error type of the exception thrown.

  • Improved Maven results and fail reports.

  • MUnit now uses a properties file instead of the system properties for parameterization.

  • Improved MUnit runtime flaky tests and build.

  • MUnit now allows you to use then-call for the set-payload and set-variable processors.

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