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RPA Bot 1.1.10 Release Notes

RPA Bot is a software robot that runs in an on-premise environment and executes the assigned automations.

To take advantage of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensure that you are using the latest version of each RPA application.

April 11, 2023

What’s New

  • Trace logs now include the x-request-id for REST call errors.

  • The Process Streaming view now shows and informative image when the streaming is disabled from the configuration.

  • The logs now include timestamps in the RFC 3339 format.

  • RPA Bot now automatically retries downloading runtime packages for new web drivers when the download fails.

  • RPA Bot now sends a warning when the screen resolution defined for a process differs from the resolution used in a remote desktop session.

  • RPA Bot now checks periodically if the desktop session is available and logs a warning message in case the check fails.

  • RPA Bot now makes all requests using HTTPS with TLSv2 by default. You can no longer make HTTP requests.


Application Version

RPA Builder

6.1.1 and later

RPA Recorder

6.0.0 and later

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

RPA Bot no longer updates runtime packages that are not already installed.


You can now enable and disable Process Streaming after a bot restart.


RPA Bot no longer prevents an update if you executed an RDP connection test in the RPA Bot Configurator.


RPA Bot no longer fails to resume a running process execution after an outage or failure.


RPA Bot no longer requeue tasks when there are run results available in RPA Manager.