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RPA Builder 6.1.1 Release Notes

RPA Builder is the on-premise application that enables you to build automations by specifying the action steps of the process.

January 20, 2023

What’s New

  • The new Mail Session (Outlook with OAuth) Action Step enables you to establish a connection to a mail server using MS Outlook and authenticate using OAuth to perform mail operations such as reading, sending, and changing emails.

  • The new Credentials for OAuth Action Step enables you to generate OAuth credentials at runtime and reuse them within other Action Steps in the Workflow.

  • The Combine String Action Step now supports 20 substrings as inbound variables.

  • The Tables with AWS and Key values with AWS Action Steps now include a Confidence attribute in the JSON output.

  • The Generate and Modify Date and Time Action Step outputs three new variables to allow easier comparison between dates:

    • Elapsed days: Contains the days elapsed from 01/01/01 at 00:00 to the defined date at 00:00. The result is in whole days.

    • Elapsed hours: Contains the hours elapsed from 01/01/01 at 00:00 to the defined date and hour (Xh:00min). The result is in whole days and hours.

    • Elapsed minutes: Contains the minutes elapsed from 01/01/01 at 00:00 to the defined date, hour and minutes (Xh:XXmin). The result is in whole days, hours, and minutes.

  • The new OAuth Credentials activity parameter enables you handle OAuth credentials across multiple activities of a process.

  • You can now generate OAuth tokens using the Tools > Generate OAuth Refresh Token option in the menu bar.

  • The Use All Users as project home location option in Settings now reads Save Projects and Settings in All Users Folder for better clarity.

  • Reported security vulnerabilities are now fixed.


Application Version

RPA Recorder

6.0.0 and later


1.0.0 and later

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

The Process Run notification window now displays in the proper screen position.


Excel Session Actions Step no longer fails to write data when an Excel Session is reading and a nested Excel Session is writing.


The Export from Activity Library dialog now properly shows the Workflow Name and Description values and enables you to edit them before exporting a workflow.


The Activity Parameters Wizard now shows the help button (?) that links to the documentation.


Web Session (MS Edge) Action Step no longer shows an incorrect warning message when using multiple transactions that share a Websession ID.


The Message Box Action Step Wizard now validates that the values in the Title and Text fields are not empty.


The JSON output from Document Processing Action Steps that use AWS Textract now contains text entries in the same order as they were processed in the document.


The Read PDF File Action Step now shows an error message when Read text in selected area is selected and an invalid area is defined.


Workflows no longer fail to execute when the Keystrokes to Web Element Action Step specifies a long value in Input Text.


RPA Builder no longer shows an error when multiple users try to run the same process and the Use All Users as project home location option is selected in General Settings.


RPA Builder no longer fails to start if the user.config file inside the AppData folder is corrupt.


Users can no longer import a process from a different organization when the process has activities linked to the Activity Library.