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RPA Builder 6.2.0 Release Notes

RPA Builder is the on-premise application that enables you to build automations by specifying the action steps of the process.

To take advantage of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensure that you are using the latest version of each RPA application.

March 29, 2023

What’s New

  • RPA Builder now detects the browser version and automatically uses matching web drivers.

  • The Validation Result window is improved.

  • The String Operations action step now has more string operations.

  • The REST Call action step now has the Authorization tab to provide authentication methods.

  • The Web Session (MS Edge) action step now includes the properties from the Web Session (Chrome) action step.

  • Added new action step: Queries with AWS.

  • Added new action step: Write bot message.

  • Added new action step: Stopwatch Collection.

  • Added new action step: Checkpoint Collection.

  • The web recording process is improved and now captures the Select Web Element, Confirm Alert Box, Get Web Element Text, and Submit Form action steps from a recording.

  • Removed the outdated screen resolution check from the System parameters window.

  • RPA Builder no longer shows the "Camunda Engine is not reachable. Please start the 'Tomcat_Mulesoft_RPA_Builder' windows service." error message.

  • Upgraded the Tomcat dependency to version 9.0.73.


Application Version

RPA Recorder

6.2.0 and later


1.0.0 and later

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

The Activity library tags now show in the activity library explorer.


The AI OCR (file-based & screen-based) Wizard caption is now correct.


The Activity workflow stc_trace.txt logfile no longer shows a wrong app name and version.


The Managed Block inside Error Handling now works as expected with mail session action steps.


The Test button in the OAuth Wizard from the Mail Session (Outlook with OAuth) action step no longer shows that a variable is pinned if Use custom settings is selected.


The OAuthToken Creator inside Tools no longer shows an error when trying to authenticate multiple times.


Taking screenshots in the browser wizard no longer causes a memory leak.


The description for DoAction, OnError and DoAlways now shows in the workbench.


The BPMN editor now shows an error when a BPMN diagram is empty.


The Run Process button now works properly after a failed test run.


RPA Builder no longer shows an incorrect error message when attempting to open a Workflow from the Workflow location in the explorer.


The Website Load Time action step execution no longer fails on an RPA Bot if the URL is too long.


Several Wizard captions, Wizard tooltips, and action step tooltips are now updated.


RPA Builder no longer crashes when an action step with a .png file is opened.


The auto-generated headers in the REST Call action step now update properly in the Wizard.


The Credentials action step no longer shows an incorrect AWS Credentials hint.


The Test button in the Rest Call action step Wizard no longer works if there are mapped variables.


RPA Builder no longer shows an error message when capturing an empty App Session.