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RPA Recorder 6.1.0 Release Notes

RPA Recorder is MuleSoft’s tool for recording a business process for automation.

To take advantage of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensure that you are using the latest version of each RPA application.

December 6, 2022

What’s New

  • The new attributes selection panel enables you to fine-tune the XPath for web elements when you record Web Tasks.

  • You can now capture Mouse Over events using the F2 key when you record Web Tasks.

  • You can now activate or deactivate hotkeys to control RPA Recorder.

  • The new Log Files tab in Settings contains buttons that enable easy access to log files and directories:

    • The new Open log file button enables you to open the latest log file.

    • The new Open log files directory enables you to open the folder containing all RPA Recorder logs in your local computer.

  • RPA Recorder changed the file name schema for all files written, introducing the following changes:

    • The value process name changed to process id.

    • Timestamps now appear at the beginning of file names instead of at the end.

  • Web Task recording now supports the following browser specific hotkeys to control browser navigation:

    • F5 : Performs a soft refresh of the page.

    • Ctrl+F5 : Performs a hard refresh of the page.

    • Alt+Right arrow : Navigates forward.

    • Alt+Left arrow : Navigates back.

    • Ctrl+Enter : Adds www. and .com to the text in the URL bar and then navigates to this URL.


Application Version

RPA Builder

6.0.0 and later


1.0.0 and later

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

RPA Recorder no longer fails to login to RPA Manager when the user password contains specific special characters


Using special characters for process names no longer causes errors.