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RPA Recorder 6.2.0 Release Notes

RPA Recorder enables you to record a business process for automation.

To take advantage of all new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensure that you are using the latest version of each RPA application.

March 29, 2023

What’s New

  • The minimum required version of .NET Framework is now 4.8.

  • Web Automation recording performance is improved.

  • Screenshot taking performance is improved.

  • Screenshot configuration settings are improved.

  • The appearance of RPA Recorder and the Web Browser subprocess in the Task Manager is improved.

  • Several third party and internal libraries are updated for RPA Recorder.


Application Version

RPA Builder

6.2.0 and later


1.0.0 and later

Fixed Issues

Issue Resolution ID

The Web recording browser now properly shows a "Page not available" message when a site is not accessible or does not exist.


The minified main window no longer disappears when using multiple screens.


The Automation and Documentation sections of the RPA Recording Editor now properly scale the content when resizing the window.


RPA Recorder now properly generates the XPath for elements recorded in a multiframe page.