Runtime Manager Agent 1.4.0 Release Notes

Enterprise Edition

April 04, 2016

Runtime Manager Agent 1.4.0 provides a new downloadable zip file to easily update Runtime Manager Agent.

Runtime Manager Agent Install Guide: installing and configuring Runtime Manager Agent


Software Version

Mule Runtime

3.6.n and 3.7.n

API Gateway


Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.

Features in this Release

  • Support for static IP addresses: Agent can now support specific static addresses.

  • Addition of an external handler to manage monitoring service tracked beans

Deprecated Features and Functionality


Fixed Issues

AGENT-275 - Remove the /mule/agent/ping endpoint since it’s not used and causes the mule to exit

AGENT-277 - Retrieve the correct Mule and GW version for the unified Mule Runtime 3.8.0

AGENT-278 - The tracking tests are failing with a org/apache/http/ssl/TrustStrategy class not found error

AGENT-284 - Runtime Manager Agent isn’t detecting that the 3.8.0-M1 Mule Runtime is a unified runtime

AGENT-297 - Configuring REST transport with custom key store isn’t using the given file

AGENT-286 - Report the runtime as Mule on server registration for Unified Runtimes

Known Issues