Anypoint Runtime Manager Private Cloud Edition September 2015

The Anypoint Runtime Manager Private Cloud Edition September 2015 release enables users to enhance their unified monitoring experience by easily integrating their on-premises Mule servers and API Gateways with third partiesโ€™ monitoring tools, such as Splunk & ELK, for monitoring, analytics and governance.

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


Agent plugins integrations is compatible with the following runtime versions: * Runtime Manager Agent 1.2.0 and above * Mule 3.6.x and above * API GW 2.1.x for API Analytics

Features and Functionality

Agent Plugins Integration (Splunk & Log)

Users will now have the ability to monitor their applications with an out-of-the box integration experience for monitoring tools such as Splunk & ELK. This enables the user to have a unified view of all applications, servers, etc.

API Gateway Integration (Splunk & Log)

Users now have the ability to integrate their API Gateway with Agent/ARM and pass API Metrics for analytics and governance.

Deprecated Features or Functionality


Resolved Issues

  • Bug fixes for error while deleting servers

  • Reconnection strategy for Agent

  • Usability improvements while creating server groups

Known Issues

No way to change buffering configuration for Splunk from the UI.


No change.

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