Anypoint Runtime Manager Release Notes

This document describes new features and enhancements, known limitations, issues, and fixes in Anypoint Runtime Manager.

August 2021

Fixed Issues



Fixed a UI issue that caused the Use persistent object store checkbox to be deselected when applying changes.


Fixed a UI issue in which the Edit Application page for Anypoint Runtime Fabric applications was not loading properly on slow networks, causing fields to return to default values.


June 2021

What’s New

  • When deploying new apps or redeploying existing apps to Anypoint Runtime Fabric, Runtime Manager now selects the latest date patch of the Mule runtime version, if applicable, by default.

    During the grace period, you can select earlier date patches until they are no longer available. If you select an earlier date patch, and make any subsequent changes to that application, you might be required to update it to a later date patch.

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