Applying a Policy

In Connected Mode and Mule Gateway, you apply included policies via API Manager. The following steps demonstrate this.

In Local Mode, you apply policies via an ApiInstance YAML resource. For information about applying policies in Local Mode, see the Declarative Configuration Reference Guide.

You can apply a policy either to the entire API (default) or to specific methods and resources of an API.

To apply a policy for Mule Gateway, a Mule application must first be deployed with an HTTP-based or HTTPS-based flow that is linked to the API through autodiscovery.

To apply a policy for Connected Mode or Mule Gateway:

  • Go to API Manager > API Administration and select the API instance from the details window.

  • From the left navigation, select Policies > Apply New Policy.

  • Expand the policy that you want to apply.

  • Select the policy version and click Configure Policy.

    For details about the configuration parameters for each of the policies, see the specific policy documentation.

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