CloudHub Dedicated Load Balancer Release Notes


Oct 14, 2021

What’s New

  • Updated the static IP functionality of the Dedicated Load Balancer to enhance restart functionality.

    This update increases the number of static IPs allocated to the Dedicated Load Balancer.

    New Dedicated Load Balancers default to dynamic IPs. You can choose static IPs via the Update button on the UI.


December 10, 2020

Features and Updates

  • OS patches and security updates

    No feature updates.


November 14, 2020

Features and Updates

  • This release includes a new default cipher list.

    All newly created DLBs use the new default cipher list. Existing DLBs retain their current default list until they update the default cipher list.


October 13, 2020

Features and Updates

  • Added a security enhancement to prevent MIME sniffing on DLB headers. This update takes effect on DLB restart and has no impact on existing traffic or applications. (SE-17660)


February 25, 2020

Features and Updates

  • OS patches and security updates

    No feature updates.


February 20, 2020

Changes made in this release were reverted.


December 12, 2019

Features and Updates

  • Improved capacity limits for Dedicated Load Balancer (DLB)

    The DLB connection capacity has been improved. This improvement increases the resiliency of the DLB in scenarios when a degraded, high-volume, backend CloudHub application exhausts resources on the DLB.

  • Mule application response timeout feature

    A Timeout in Seconds field has been added to the DLB configuration settings. You can use this setting to specify the response timeout value from the Mule runtime engine. The default is 300 seconds.


October 5, 2019

Features and Updates

  • User-initiated updates

    The CloudHub dedicated load-balancer service provides quarterly updates that include the latest OS and security patches.

    When an update is available, the Update button appears on the load balancers page and on the details page for the individual load balancer.

  • Updated dedicated load balancer server

    Security updates and patches


July 2019

Features and Updates

  • Upstream TLS 1.2 functionality

  • WS and WSS support added to existing HTTP and HTTPS support

  • Updated dedicated load balancer server

    Security updates and patches, which occur when the load balancer restarts



  • Improved log rotation

  • Security updates and patches

  • Performance and resiliency improvements



  • Remove deprecated 3DES ciphers from the accepted cipher suite.

  • Entitlements for load balancers are now enforced per business group.

  • Introduce TLS keepalives to upstream HTTPS applications, improving performance.



  • Static IPs are no longer required for load balancers.

  • Improved reliability and monitoring of load balancers.

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