Use Anypoint CLI

An Anypoint Platform CLI call has the following form:

$ anypoint-cli [params] [command]


> exit [options]

This command exits Anypoint Platform CLI.

This command accepts only the default options: --help, -f/--fields and -o/--output.

If you choose not to pass a command, Anypoint Platform CLI runs in interactive mode. If you choose to pass a specific command and there is an error, the application exits and returns a description of the issue.

The Anypoint Platform CLI provides three default options:

  • The --help option displays usage information of the command.

  • The -o or --output option lets you specify the command’s output to the defined format.
    Supported values are table, text, and json. Defaults to text for non-interactive mode and table for interactive sessions.

  • The -f or --fields option allows you to define which fields to output.
    You can pass the --fields option after a command to get a list of all possible fields to output.

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